Saturday, May 19, 2012

Water fun

With the progressively warmer temperatures this week, we have progressed through water activities.

First we got out the sprinkler.  This picture summarizes most of the activity.  The kids both just stood along the outside trying to catch water in containers and tried not to actually get wet.
Then came the water table.  They both took great joy in filling and emptying every kind of container they found in the tub of water toys.  The favorite "toy" was an old fish tank gravel cleaner that we use to drain the pool.
Then came the pool and the inflatables.  Granted the water was still pretty cold at this point, but neither kid likes getting wet above the knees.  Lincoln held up his swim trunks while making a whirlpool and generally stayed on the outside of the pool.  Emily just stayed standing.  If either one got so much as a drop on their swim suits, they went running for their towels.  We have a little more practicing to do this summer!

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