Saturday, May 19, 2012

3 years old

I've decided that you feel older when your kids have birthdays than when you have your own birthday.  Our baby is now three! 

Lincoln got into wipes this month.  Multiple times.  As in, emptying entire new packages of baby wipes and hand wipes all over his bedroom.  One day when I thought he was napping he was actually sitting on top of his changing table with two empty wipes containers and covered from head to toe with diaper cream.  We had to move all the diaper supplies to the top middle back of his tall dresser (he could still reach the edge with a step stool).

On a related note, I did attempt a 3-day crash course in potty training a couple weeks ago, but after three days of having him sit on the little potty every 30 minutes without a single drop of success, I decided we just weren't ready yet.

On a positive note, Lincoln is back to regularly napping.  It requires me to lay down with him after lunch until he falls asleep, but I don't mind.  It has become a nice bonding time and has given me an excuse/forced me to rest a little while every day.  I actually fall asleep with him half the time but usually wake up after 30 min. or so.  Thankfully, Emily is good about entertaining herself during this time.

Some funny things that make me smile:  Lincoln calls bulldozers "buh-doh-zuh-zuh-zuhs".  He also likes carrying around purses and bags from the dress-up box but calls them "packages".

Lincoln is 37" tall and weighed in right at 30 lbs. at his check-up.  Although still on the smaller end (40th & 30th percentile), he is moving up the charts and is well-proportioned.  For the second year in a row he had an ear infection at his well-child check-up.  I suspected it both times, and it saved an extra trip to the doctor.  Thankfully he LOVES taking medicine and begs for more.  Other than that, he is a very healthy, active boy!

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