Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 years + 7 months

Emily's big thing this month (other than everything birthday related), has been Hull-London.  I think it came about when I mentioned that when I studied abroad for a semester in college I went to school in the town of Hull, England and visited London.  Since then, everything has been about what Hull-Londoners do, eat, say, think, etc.  They have their own language, cuisine (a Hull-London taco is a shell with whatever you want in it) and territory.  In fact, she took down the large U.S. map hanging up in the basement and used a purple marker to indicate where Hull-London is located.  Apparently, it covers most of Appalachia, specifically West Virginia.  So she has moved on from specific imaginary friends to entire cultures.

Her imaginary friends are still around, though.  I mentioned in last month's post about her weird pronunciation of "Kaithlyn".  I soon discovered that she had read ahead in the Magic Tree House books where a new character was introduced named Kathleen.  Since Emily had never heard it pronounced out loud, she thought it was "Kaith-lyn".  She hasn't mentioned much about that particular friend since.  It's mostly just her twin sister, Karen.

Emily is pretty proud that she has figured out how to whistle.  It's not very loud, but still better than I've ever been able to do!  She is also trying to be a grown up and sleeping with less lights on.  This may seem trivial since she usually has her closet light, a night light and often also falls asleep with her reading lamp on.  However, it's a big step for her.

Emily has also displayed an intense dislike of bugs in the house.  She yells whenever she discovers a bug in the bathtub, which is quite often.  She freaked out when she spotted a spider on her closet door frame one night.  She also screamed about a grasshopper in the bathroom when it turned out to be a tiny little lacewing on the wall.

She has also declared Wednesday's to be her "running day".  Since school is now out for the summer, she begged to go to the high school track in full running gear.  It was a beautiful day today, and the sprinklers were running, too.  Emily only actually made it around the track twice and only ran about 200m of it.  She & Lincoln spent more time climbing the bleachers. :o)

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