Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garden day

Today was one of my favorite days of the year--the day I plant the garden and flower pots.  The weather was nearly perfect except for a brief rain shower that very inconveniently blew through around 5:00pm.  The kids & I had picked out most of the plants and flowers yesterday, although we forgot the bean seeds and had to make another trip to go get some.  We also made two trips to the yard waste site for free compost.  It was a team effort for most of the day--and by "team" I mean twice as much work--but a lot of fun.  Here are some snapshots:

Two eager helpers ready to prepare the garden.  I had dug everything up and pulled out the weeds earlier this week.

Hauling plants from the garage to the garden.

Scrubbing flower pots--more of a busy activity than a necessary task.

Along with the standard tomatoes, peppers, beans and broccoli, we're trying carrots and potatoes this year.  Emily was a good planting helper.  This is a fun photo edit.

Emily really wanted her own garden (just like I did when I was little), so I said she could plant whatever she wanted in the four colored pots.  Here she is planting bean seeds.  She also planted zinnias and nasturtiums.

Emily & I snagged some strawberry plants at the St. John's Garden Club plant sale down the street.  We'll see how they do in her pot.  She was dressed for the occasion in a Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt and denim shorts with little strawberries on them. :o)

The finished product. Now I can't wait for the seeds to sprout!


Sarah Craft said...

Cute helpers! I really like those colored pots, too. Flower planting day is always my favorite too!

Adam & Brandi said...

One of my favorite days as well. Will kind of miss my garden this year, but hoping to get flowers planted this week:).