Monday, May 14, 2012

First Tball game

Emily had her first ever Tball game, although it was more of an "experience" than a game.  I'm pretty sure the majority of the kids there had never done anything like it before.  The rules are that there are two innings and each team of 10 kids gets to bat around each inning.  After fielding the ball (and I use the term "fielding" loosely), the kids are supposed to throw it in the general direction of first base.  The kid playing first base throws it back to the coach at home.  Runners advance one base on each hit.  There is no way to get "out".

Emily is on the Rockies team and was super excited to get her #10 purple T-shirt and hat.  I should have ordered a smaller size, but she blends in with all the other baggy-shirt kids. ;o)  She got to be on first base during the second inning.  She didn't actually catch a ball in her glove, but did a great job running after it.  Afterwards she remarked, "I think I need to practice getting the ball at first base."  She can smack the ball pretty well, but her favorite part is running the bases.  The night before she had commented, "I think my team is going to win because I can run really fast!"

Overall, she had a lot of fun and is excited to do it again next week.  There are four more games.  It will be fun to see how much the kids improve.  Below are some pictures as well as a two-minute highlight video.
Down and ready
Taking first base seriously
Throwing home
Swing batta-batta
High five line with the other team--might have been the funniest part of the game

P.S. Lincoln is quite the bleacher coach/cheerleader. He was yelling, "Hit the ball! Get the ball! Run!" just as loud as anyone else. However, it didn't take long before he lost interest and started begging to go play on the giant playground. :o)

P.P.S. I thought it was funny when they had to take a "train timeout" since the train tracks run right next to the ball fields.  Of course, every kid stopped to watch the train when it went by.  This one was especially exciting because some of the coaches from the Hawkeye Express were a part of the train.

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