Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Some people might be nervous about coming back after leaving their husbands home alone for four days. I'm usually excited to return and see what he's been up to. Not only was the house perfectly picked up, the floors freshly vacuumed/mopped/swept and a big bowl of popcorn waiting on the stove, but he also had three other surprises.

#1 Honey-Do List
I had left a pretty big "honey-do" list of small projects and Austin got most of them done. One of them included installing a working doorbell. I knew he was working on the list because he called me on Friday night from the attic. He had been doing some stuff there and when he went to open the door the door knob broke off on the inside. So he was locked in. The window to the roof wouldn't open either. Thankfully, he still had his cell phone in his pocket since he usually leaves it on the dresser after changing out of his work clothes. It took four phone calls to find someone who was available to come over and let him out. It would have been a long, cold weekend otherwise!

#2 Basement
We have been chipping away at unpacking and putting things away in the basement. However, there were still too many things that Emily could get into if left unsupervised. Austin made the final push to at least organize the remaining boxes/things. Now I can put together a play area for Emily. :o) Here are pictures from just after the move and when I got home on Sunday.

#3 New Grill!
This was the best surprise. I had really been missing a grill. Our gas grill in Denver was a direct hook-up that we inherited and stayed with the house when we moved. It was a piece of junk anyway. I had researched grills using Consumer Reports and picked out this one from Home Depot. I even checked last week and casually mentioned that there were two fully-assembled ones left in stock. ;o) And now one of them is ours! I have already purchased some specialty brats from Fareway for the inauguration on Friday.

Austin is gone on a four-day business trip this week. I hope to have some surprises of my own ready when he returns. :o)


Becky Bartlett said...

Way to go, Austin! Aren't those surprises the best? Sure glad that he wasn't stuck in the attic for all 4 days!!

Sarah Craft said...

What a wonderful husband you have!! By the way, if you really want a good brat, you need to try Kramer's brats. They are made in La Porte by a German family and sell at most of the grocery stores. I'll bring some for you sometime. They are THE best...and I'm not just saying that because I live in LPC. They truly are awesome.