Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Informance

At Emily's school, the Music and P.E. programs have a lot of great collaboration, including a spring "Informance" program.  This year's theme was basketball.  Emily was excited, but a little nervous about it.  She looked so serious during the performance.  Afterwards, she was bouncing off the walls saying, "That was so much fun--I didn't want it to ever end!"  She celebrated with a Dilly Bar.

Pictures and video are difficult in a big auditorium, even with decent seats.  The video I took is below.  I apologize for the lack of focus at times.  For the music part, Emily is in the third row, 5th from the left in a neon yellow Go-Hawk shirt. At the end when the entire school (K-4) is on stage dancing, Emily is front and center behind the middle microphone and in front of Mr. Tucker, the P.E. teacher.  I didn't have zoom for that one.  The music teacher, Ms. Rasmussen, posted all of the videos from the Informance, including the Kindergarten introduction trailer I didn't get, on her web site.  You can view it here.  (The Hamster Dance and Jump Rope routines are awesome.)

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