Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 years + 10 months

It's a jammies picture for Lincoln this month.  We had parent/teacher conferences at his preschool and Lincoln got a great report!  He is extremely social and enthusiastic (no surprise there).  He knows all his colors, most of the letters, several numbers, and some basic shapes.  He can also recognize his name in print.  He still skips one or two numbers in the teens when counting to 20 and consistently switches J & K when singing the alphabet song (see video in March play list).

Speech-wise, Lincoln "sinks about sings" a lot (especially trains).  He still has a slight lateral lisp on /j/ /g/ /ch/ sounds and /l/ sounds come and go.  He also still uses masculine pronouns most of the time regardless of gender.  This continues to drive Emily nuts.

Lincoln has become very enthusiastic about puzzles and games.  He loves giant floor puzzles and the alphabet train one in particular (see video).  He is very good about following the rules of the somewhat complicated Thomas the Train Making Tracks game.  We usually play something after lunch before his afternoon nap.

Speaking of naps, Lincoln has become a very consistent afternoon napper again--averaging 1.5 hours.  He has begun to be more independent lately and has insisted on putting himself down for a nap.  Although I'm usually looking for an excuse to take a nap myself, I'm happy to let him do it. 

Lincoln has also had fun exploring cutting and painting lately.  He likes to get out clumps of yarn and cut them into small (3 in.) pieces.  He just cut out this "rocket" he made for the family mission wall all by himself.  This is huge progress!

Below are some examples of some recent paintings--one from school and the rest from home.

There is also a video clip of him praying in the March play list.

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