Saturday, March 2, 2013

Busy Saturday

Emily had a very busy Saturday.  She started off the month of March by going on a St. Patrick's Day kick and dressing up as "Miss Maiden Leprechaun."  She also wrapped up a green present as a prize for the St. Patrick's Day game she is planning. 

I had recently opened up the trunk at the foot of our bed and pulled out some items from my childhood, including this porcelain tea set.  Emily had fun setting it up in her room.

After lunch, Emily & I went on a power-shopping trip to Kohl's and Crossroads Mall.  In three hours we purchased her entire spring wardrobe, four pairs of shoes, new socks & underwear & pajamas, a new swimming suit and the main goal: a flower girl dress.  Whew!  She started dragging as soon as we got to the mall, but was a real trooper.  We had to celebrate a successful trip with an ice cream treat!

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