Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Passover Celebration

Sally Baker is an amazing woman at our church with a passion for teaching everyone from kids to adults.  This year, she put together a special Passover Celebration geared towards families.  During the celebration, she went through the Haggadah (liturgy), explaining all the different parts.  We each got the chance to taste the traditional Passover foods, including real matzah.  I sure learned a lot!  I was impressed that Emily actually tried most of the stuff--including the parsley dipped in salt water.  :op  Lincoln mostly concentrated on drinking his grape juice. :o)

Breaking off a piece of the afikomen (matzah)
Bitter herbs (matzah dipped in horseradish sauce)
Sally Baker reading the haggadah
Lincoln enjoying his "Four cups of wine"
Trying the kharoset (apple butter)

Sally explaining the connection between Passover and Communion

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