Saturday, March 30, 2013

6 years + 5 months

At some point this month, Emily decided she wanted to be called Emmy.  I haven't heard her request that people call her that, but she started writing Emmy on all her school papers.  We had had a conversation earlier about nicknames.  She had asked me why some people call her Em.  I told her if she'd rather be called Emily, she just had to let people know.  I didn't like being called anything but Megan growing up (except for a few select people who could call me Meg).  So far, I haven't made a big deal of it since I'm hoping it's just a passing phase.  I will not be calling her Emmy, though.

Emily has been obsessed lately with trying to decide what she wants to be/do when she grows up.  This is really stressing her out because she wants to do so many things.  Teacher and Author are usually near the top of the list (it was for me at that age, too).  One night she even made a list of possible occupations with at least one for every letter of the alphabet.  They also did a unit on community helpers/jobs in school.  She was thrilled when her teacher let her take home the class list of job possibilities.  Can you guess which one she suggested?  (Hint: It's my "job")

Both kids have been doing little jobs for the last month to earn quarters to buy toothbrushes & underwear for kids in Haiti as part of a service project for Sunday School.  The main job was setting the table.  After the project was completed, Emily decided she wanted to wash dishes, too.  Austin had her start off by drying and putting away (although Emily thinks she should be doing the washing first).  Her enthusiasm lasted about three days.

A really bad, nervous habit Emily has developed this month is twisting her hair and putting it in her mouth.  You can tell when she's been doing it a lot because her hair is wet and stringy.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  Her hair is extra tangly, too, which causes her to throw fits when I comb it.  I hope this one ends soon.

Emily's March art work from school is below.

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cobo said...

I had a hard time deciding between Cupcake Maker and Floncy Fluff. But wondering where I can hire a Quit Maker (hoping she meant Quiet)

Love this!