Monday, March 18, 2013

Launch Pad

Another project I finally finished was hanging up our family mission.  Our church had a sermon series on families during the month of January and challenged everyone to write a family mission statement.  Austin is not a fan of mission statements in general, so when we discussed the idea over dinner in Kauai one night, he came up with the idea of a word picture.  He suggested "Launch Pad" because everything that happens in our household is a launch pad for something else in life.  Plus, it's an easy concept for kids to understand.  I took that idea and used the categories found in a great book called The Danger of Raising Nice Kids: Preparing Our Children to Change Their World by Timothy Smith.  In the book, the author gives a categorized outline of the vision/goals of what we would want our kids to know/be at age 18.

I used the Cricut to cut starts and vinyl letters.  Then Emily & Lincoln each made rockets to add to the display that now hangs by the kitchen table.

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Julie Ulven said...

I like this! It's time to reorganize and update our calendar area in the kitchen for summer. This gives me a bit of inspiration! When you get a chance, what is your personal mission statement and your family mission statement if you have one for the latter.