Friday, September 21, 2012

Where's Waldo?

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Where's Waldo, the librarians at the Waverly Public Library all dressed up in red & white stripes and held a Waldo hunt.  Ten numbered pictures of Waldo were hidden around the library.  When you found and recorded where all ten were located you earned a bag of Skittles.  I told Emily about it after seeing it on the Facebook page earlier this week.  She was beyond excited for three days.  We usually try to stop by the library after school on Fridays anyway.  This week Emily got right to work.  It didn't take long before she earned her candy (although she asked the librarians for lots of hints).  She might have won the prize for the most enthusiastic participant.  Her picture even made it on the library's Facebook page.  :o)

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Allison Mussig said...

I think she is jumping in 2 of the 4 pictures! How awesome!!!