Saturday, September 22, 2012


Today was the annual Touch-a-Truck event at the new outdoor Expo in downtown Waterloo put on by the Junior League of Waterloo-Cedar Falls.  I had been looking forward to taking the kids--especially Lincoln--since I found out about it last year and it didn't work out in our schedule.  It's lucky we even made it after a rough start to the morning where both kids spent 30 min. in their respective rooms before lunch working on attitude adjustments.  The weather was also not very ideal (a cold, windy, cloudy 50 degrees).  This meant there weren't really any lines, though.  Despite the chill and the bad morning, both kids really enjoyed the event! 

There were two large bounce houses.  The kids went back and forth between them.
Fun ride-on toys
Loading up sidewalk chalk
Favorite attraction: The school bus.  They came back to it three times.  Lincoln kept asking, "Mom, can I beep?"  (I said only once.)  I don't know if this will satisfy the curiosity of both of them regarding the school bus, or if it will make them only want to ride it more.  There was also a brand new camper trailer that fascinated the kids.  I said, no, we are not getting a trailer.
Lincoln got not one, but two rides on the lift.  Emily decided to pass both times.
Road grader
"Hey, this digger is just my size!"
That's one fancy snowplow.  Good thing it has a hydraulic lift seat so you can see over the steering wheel!
 We're ready to scoop poop, Grandpa B!

Lincoln is NOT looking thrilled about Emily's driving skills.
That's one big tractor tire!

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