Thursday, September 13, 2012

More paper projects

Emily has not slowed down with the intricate paper projects.  Here are some of her latest...

After a Sunday school lesson about Jesus and the faith of the centurion, Emily used the take-home finger puppets to create a map of the story.  Then she hauled out a picture Bible and made a replica of the tabernacle that God commanded Moses to build complete with an alter, a washing basin, priests and sheep & cows for sacrificing.

Another day after school she decided she wanted to take pictures of the Wild West.  First she made her own camera.  Then she set up some of her stuffed animals as lawmen in a jail scene and pretended to snap away.  I love the little details.

I apologize for the almost obnoxious amount of posts about Emily & paper.  One of the things that makes this all work and go well is the fact that Emily is not a big hoarder or saver.  She is pretty much okay with trashing everything she makes within 24-48 hours of completion.  By then she has usually moved on to something else.  I have discovered that a messy, overflowing "art" space crushes her creative spirit and curbs any future projects.  She appreciates a clean workspace more than past projects, so we have a tub in the corner just for recycling her paper projects.  She has only dug something out once and ended up not "playing" with it like she said she would.  I stuck it back in two days later and she never even noticed. 

I am becoming much less of a saver, too.  Taking lots of pictures and posting them on the blog for the permanent record allows me to emotionally let go of her creations.  And that makes everyone happier (although it would be even better if all the little paper snippets vacuumed up themselves off the carpet)!

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