Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Go-Hawk Preschool

Lincoln is not enrolled in a formal preschool this year, but I signed him up to attend "Little Go-Hawk Preschool" put on by the Child Development class at the high school.  Beginning today and running through mid-December, Lincoln will attend preschool for 45 min. on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.  He is matched up one-on-one with a senior girl.  They read books, do activities and make a craft.  Lincoln was beyond excited to strap on his Thomas backpack and head to school.  As expected, he had a GREAT time.  I enjoyed having time to run some quick errands around town by myself.  :o)


Sarah Craft said...

Cute! Lincoln looks very proud that he too gets to attend school. Hope it continues to go smoothly and enjoy those few precious moments of quiet. :)

cobo said...

This sounds like fun! What a great way to introduce him to being away from home/listening to someone else, although your Sunday School is really nice for that too. Sounds like it gives the students some nice real life practice. Great program! He looks very excited!