Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paper projects

Emily is very much an introvert.  She definitely needs her alone time.  One thing I have quickly discovered is that you can not expect anything or ask anything of her the first hour after school.  She is oftentimes droopy, mopey and/or extremely irritable when she comes home.  But give her an hour by herself to decompress and rejuvenate and she is the happy, bubbly, talkative girl we know and love.  Lately, she has been spending her "decompression" hour making paper projects.  Her therapy tools are a scissors, pencil, a ream of white paper and a roll of Scotch Tape.  Here are some of her creations...

One day was all about paper trains.  She had an alphabet train with a car for every letter.  Then there was a number train.  Then a train for carrying milk and mail (even to Canada!).

Next came a three-room house in 3D.  It includes a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen complete with beds, books, food, fixtures and even toothpaste & toothbrushes.  There are doors between the rooms and a bus with Lego seats thrown in for good measure.

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Sarah Craft said...

This girl really is something else! Amazing stuff.