Monday, April 30, 2012

T-ball practice

Emily is participating in the Shell Rock Youth T-ball program this year.  They had their first (and only) practice tonight.  It was amusing to watch four coaches direct 10 kids ages 3-5 in the basics of which direction to run around the bases, hitting off a tee, fielding the ball and throwing to first base.  I was actually pretty impressed with the kids, other than the fact 5 out of the 10 had to take a potty break at some point during the 45 min. practice and the one 3-year-old who kept running off to pet the stray cat that was wandering around.  I was pretty impressed by Emily, too, as this was the first time she had ever been on a real diamond, run real bases and hit with a real bat.  It will be really interesting to see how the "games" go!

Emily (pink glove) down and ready to field the ball.  She did a great job of actually stopping a couple.  We just have to work on the throwing to a base part.

Taking her first real batting practice.  She can hit it pretty well!

After the team practice we went home and had family practice in the front yard.  I got a real T-ball bat and a couple balls to hit off the plastic Fisher-Price tee we already had.  Emily also tried hitting soft-pitched balls with some success.  We also worked on stepping and throwing overhand.

There are 12 teams of 10 kids each in the T-ball league.  Emily's team is the Rockies (all MLB team names).  She was so excited she made a sign for her room and a flag for me to wave at the games.  (Are you surprised?!?) 

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