Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 years + 11 months

Only one more month left of the two's!  Lincoln continues to grow up before our eyes.  He has more opinions on clothes these days and can sort of dress and undress himself if he wants to.  He is very particular about "stickers" (i.e. tags)--especially in his pajamas (he's pictured in one of his favorite pairs).  He complains, "I don't want stickers!" almost every time you put on his shirt whether or not a tag even exists, but once you tuck it in (or pretend to) he's usually fine.  Lincoln is also in the "No, Lincoln do it!" and five seconds later, "Help me!" stage.

I thought Lincoln was entering the transition stage to no naps.  He could skip here and there and not be much worse for the wear.  Lately, he'd be up late at night if he did nap but was prone to major meltdowns at night if he didn't.  I tried experimenting with purposefully skipping naps with disastrous results.  So we're back to a regular 2 hour nap right after lunch again and just plan on going upstairs to put him back to bed (and probably change his diaper) at least once.

The weather hasn't been as perfect this month, but Lincoln finally figured out the pedaling motion needed to power a tricycle and is off to the races.  He has pedalled all the way to the castle park and back on three separate occasions.  It's a full 5 blocks away.  That's a lot of revolutions for those little legs!  As you can see below, even the rough terrain of some of the neighborhood sidewalks doesn't slow him down.  It's also a good thing he doesn't mind pink & purple. ;o)

Another thing I'm excited about is Lincoln's renewed passion for slides.  For some reason at the beginning of last summer he decided he could no longer go down slides unless someone was standing on the side holding his hand or holding him in their lap going down with him.  With his new independent streak, he has decided that going down by himself is fun, which has opened a whole new world of tunnel and twisty slides.  I am very happy to just be standing at the bottom if he needs me to catch him. :o)

Something we're working on right now is turning whiny demands into polite requests.  With a little reminder that I don't listen to that kind of voice, Lincoln usually makes the instant switch.  Please and thank-you are also becoming regulars in his vocabulary.

Some funny Lincoln-isms right now are him calling all clocks/watches "tick-tocks".  One of his favorite foods is "fancy wolls" (i.e. Tootsie Rolls).  His eyes light up every time we go through a bank drive-thru, although the Waverly Veridian is the only one that usually pulls through.

Note: For those unfamiliar and for future reference, the answer to the TV show post is "Blue's Clues".  Personally, I find the show a bit annoying, but both kids are enjoying the novelty of it for now.  It's funny watching them play Blue's Clues using the Panther paw from a UNI basketball game and carrying around their pencils and handy-dandy notebooks.

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