Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jesus' story

Easter has had a real impact on Emily this year.  While in NW Iowa, we attended the Maundy Thursday service at my parents' church.  Following a potluck supper, there was a simple service consisting of a message, communion and a beautiful song sung by the choir (including my dad).  Emily has not had an opportunity to witness communion very often because she is usually in Sunday School while Austin & I attend a church service.  She walked up with me to watch when I received communion, and we talked a little bit about it afterwards.  She took careful notes during the message and commented on the beautiful music.  Here's what she wrote:

Her notes point out that Jesus died when he was age 33 (I think they learned that in her SS class on Palm Sunday) and that he died on Friday.  Then it's her name. She learned about God and Jesus and "proving never dying".  She also observed the passover meal was bread and wine (which was actually grape juice).  This was all completely unprompted.

Then on Easter Sunday afternoon she spent a long time at her art desk in the basement.  She was busy drawing a series of pictures depicting Jesus' life.   She must have really been paying attention to the Thursday night message, because the title of it was "The Seventh Word: It is Finished".  Below is a narrated video of the full series of pictures.  This was also all unprompted.

What a joy it is as a parent when you realize things are starting to click with your child and their faith is beginning to bud!

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Heather's Henhouse said...

That's so great! Wendell is starting to understand the story as well. We got to take him to the Sedar meal on Wednesday night at church. He didn't say much about it but it was nice that he was there with us. He's actually getting old enough that he could sit through a church service if we wanted him to. I'm not sure we're ready for that though.. and I don't know how much he would miss at Sunday school.