Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Singing shopper

What better way to bring smiles to everyone you meet than unabashedly belting out somewhat mangled, random lines from VeggieTales songs and dialogues along with the occasional, "Merry Christmas!" stemming from a current obsession with VeggieTales' The Toy That Saved Christmas while rolling through the aisles of Super Wal-Mart. That's Emily! :o)


Julie Ulven said...

I love singing shoppers! Mieke's is always the ABC's song. Now she sings "the A says aaaah the A says aaaah" and so on from her Letter Factory dvd. After 6 months of watching the thing she is finally interested in learning her abc's. I have the nesting urge as well but not having a baby. Maybe it's spring fever for some warmer days. I want to wash windows but not in 50 degree weather. 37 weeks. That brings back memories of the phone call about Mieke. Sigh.

Heather's Henhouse said...

I wonder if that's a girl thing? Wendell hasn't done that yet, but he doesn't sing that much either. He does like to yell "mamma" or "dadda" through the isles if Phil and I split up when shopping.