Sunday, April 19, 2009

Certifiably Crazy

I've been holding off on this post for awhile until a few of the big unknowns became a little clearer, but I think it's time to officially announce that Austin & I are certifiably crazy! I know, I know--what kind of a DUH statement is that?!? ;o) This time it's really true. We won't make a 100% for-sure decision until after the baby comes, but we feel that we are entering a unique window of opportunity and will probably be putting our house on the market with a target date of Memorial Day. This decision alone has already resulted in numerous sleepless hours for me lying in bed staging and re-staging our whole house. We've watched enough HGTV and TLC programming in the last 5 years to know what it takes to sell a house for top dollar. Those of you who know me well won't be surprised at all to learn that I already have a spreadsheet with a room-by-room list of small projects and staging tasks complete with cost estimates if applicable. :o)

So where would we go? Austin & I have always dreamed of building a house some day. Right now we have a great lead on a prime lot location in Denver. We also have a possible floor plan picked out. We're currently leaning towards going with a panalized home that comes put together in pieces vs. stick-built, but we haven't made any final decisions. Talk about more sleepless hours!

Of course, all this means that we are almost certainly going to be looking at some kind of interim housing arrangement for late summer/fall. Oh yeah, and we're going to have a new baby in a few weeks, too.

So we are definitely crazy. If you would like to help us through the madness we would certainly appreciate your prayers. If you have a burning itch to repaint a room or two or five we wouldn't turn that down either. ;o) If you know of anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone (etc.) who would be at all interested in moving to a great family-friendly neighborhood in a nice small town, please let us know!

P.S. Does anyone want a dog? Seriously. I'm not kidding.

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Julie Ulven said...

Wow. And you were up early this morning, too. I can pray for you but we can't take the dog. Wow. However, on the moving with a baby --the younger they are the easier it will be. They are so portable and sleep a lot.

I started a new routine today. Mieke keeps getting banged up at the fitness center so I get up a 5:30, workout, breakfast at 6:15, shower and then get everyone else up. Oh, and devotions while eating breakfast. Going to start "Experiencing God" study soon.