Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have been doing major nesting over the last few days. The crib is back up. Clothes collected from various sources have been sorted and folded or hung up. All the neutral blankets, burp clothes and towels are washed and folded in the dresser drawers. I have restocked other baby care items such as lotion, medicines, etc. I have a big box of diapers. All that's really left to do is pack a hospital bag and put the infant car seat in the van. Materially, I am ready for the baby to come any time. Psychologically and time frame-wise I am not. The time may come sooner rather than later, though. The baby definitely dropped this past week (why on earth they call it "lightening" I will never know because the added pressure down low feels anything but light!), and I can feel my hips getting ready to push the little guy out. Sometimes I almost feel like I have to hold my belly up to keep the baby in! The doctor will "check" me at my next OB appointment on Monday (37 weeks), although it really means nothing at that point unless I'm already in labor. Anxiety levels are starting to run high (even without everything else going on).


Becky Bartlett said...

Nice work, Megan! I knew you'd be ready!! :)

Heather's Henhouse said...

Wow, the count down is on.. you could have a baby anytime! It makes me think we better get going. We're going to be pretty busy on weekends so we better gear up to start getting things done so we're ready. It doesn't seem like we have a lot to do but I know if I actually made a list that I'd be overwhelmed.. so I'll skip the list and live in bliss for now. Yep, bliss sounds good right now.