Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Heart Sonic

The brand new Sonic Drive-in just opened in Waterloo last week. My mouth always waters when watching their commercials, and I have always wished there was one nearby. I had a BOGO burger coupon from the paper, and we took a family trip to Home Depot after church today, so it was a perfect opportunity to try it out. It was so busy there weren't any drive-in spots open, so I ended up going through the drive-thru, but it was worth it. The cherry slush was everything I dreamed it to be. Emily really enjoyed her corn dog, too. :o) Although we rarely get fast food, Sonic will pose a major temptation every time I'm in Waterloo--especially with the crazy uncertainty of what life will look like in the coming months!

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Julie Ulven said...

Sonic ROCKS! The Cherry slushy is awesome. Okay, so it will be soooo easy to stop for lunch there if Emily can eat a corn dog (without "kupetch")in her car seat. If only Mieke would eat meat.....

Chris Kettman had her baby girl this morning --Leah. One down and let's see....three more of you to go!