Friday, April 17, 2009

Fashion Statement

This is Emily's latest fashion statement. Any time she finds a headband she'll put it in this way and will wear it for up to 15 minutes. The headband looks pretty cute if you put it in the correct way, but it never stays longer than 5 seconds. I attempted to trim her bangs again in the bathtub tonight. We'll see how they dry and look in the morning. At least I didn't cut my skin open this time! Her hair in general is pretty out of control, and I'm considering trying to trim it back to shoulder-length. Right now about the only option is to put it into a ponytail--an exercise I equate to goat tying. Plus she has started taking her ponies out again because she likes to wear the band around her wrist like a bracelet even though it's pretty tight and sort of cuts off the circulation. I'm not a "hair person," so my attempts at doing something with her hair are pretty sad, and it's usually a battle I don't choose to fight.

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Heather's Henhouse said...

The hair style is.. well... priceless. With a boy you won't have to worry about hair as much, except that it just keeps growing and he will need many hair cuts. We're thinking of just buzzing Wendell's hair for the summer... not something I'd recommend with Emily : )