Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 months old

Emily is officially 2 1/2 years old and is as spunky as ever! She has become a recitation machine. She's always quoting lines from whatever book/song/video pops into her head. Whenever she disagrees or says no to something she says, "No, we're not!" or "Don't like that!" She definitely has "Please" down, but we're still working on "Thank you."

All four of Emily's 2-year molars are now popping through. I think they bother her a little bit because I catch her with her fingers in her mouth a lot lately, but nothing like earlier teeth.

Emily has pretty much mastered drinking out of a cup/glass without any kind of lid. I still use a bib as a precautionary measure because she dribbles a bit once in awhile. We've instilled the idea of "putting your drink up high" meaning placing her glass down at the top of her placemat in a less vulnerable position for accidental spills. She usually shoves it to the very corner edge. :o)

We are still working on a slight phobia with short-sleeves. After wearing long-sleeves all winter and refusing to ever roll them up except for occasionally when washing her hands, Emily is still getting used to the idea of not having full coverage on her arms. When I put a short-sleeve shirt on her she usually immediately asks for a "sweater" (i.e. anything with long-sleeves) to wear over it. She was okay on a couple of the hottest days, though.

In a related fashion matter, Emily is currently obsessed with putting on coats and changing pajamas. She pulls her various jackets/coats off the hangers in the front coat closet and models them throughout the day. She has also figured out how to climb up on her step stool to reach the pajamas in her top dresser drawer. Until I started storing the step stool in the locked closet she would be wearing a different top/bottom pj combo when I went to check on her before going to bed than what I dressed her in after her bath.

The April Winkflash pictures are uploaded and the updated video player is posted below.

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