Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals

The term "New Year's Resolution" has negative connotations, and I've never really liked it. However, I find myself setting new "goals" at the beginning of each year anyway. Here are some of my/our bigger goals/tasks for 2009:
  1. Get Emily potty-trained. This is the number one goal this month, and we've already started (see "P-day" posts).

  2. Move Emily to the guest room by Easter to make room for the new baby in the nursery. This will require repainting and major sorting/moving of closet & dresser contents.
  3. Deep-clean one room of the house per month. This was Austin's idea and is a good one, but it's going to take a team effort. We're talking emptying closets/cupboards/drawers and sorting/cleaning from the inside out. I'm a little overwhelmed right now with everything I want to and should get done in this area, so hopefully breaking it down and having some help and accountability will make it more likely to happen and less daunting of a task.
  4. Cut the monthly grocery bill by 25%. I experimented with this in September with some success. With food prices seeming to level off for now I want to try to do this on a more consistent basis with a more reasonable target goal.

There are other small things, and more things that will come up, but as the new year begins it's always nice think about starting things fresh! What are some of your major goals in 2009?

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Sarah Craft said...

Right now I only have one goal and that is to have fun. Very vague but still not always an easy goal to attain. Good luck with your goals.