Thursday, December 11, 2008


My exciting moment for the day was feeling very distinct and obvious movements of the baby for about 10 minutes while driving home from Waverly. I've been wondering for about a week now, but there was no doubt today!


Brian & Erin Uglum said...

That is so awesome, Megan! What an amazing feeling that is! I am so happy for you guys...What an exciting time for you two and for Emily too!

Julie Ulven said...

Way cool to know it is real. Mieke got her hair cut, too. Still in her eyes but I couldn't do the bangs. Her face is too round. Emily looks great.

Mieke got 2-year photos and one with Santa and Cooper Image Design. They too tried to suck me into a collage that was over $100!! I ordered the same shots in 4x6 and will do my own. She finally smiled with Santa.