Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emily's first friend birthday party

Emily was invited to and attended her first friend birthday today. Wendell Hunt turns 2 this weekend and his brave mom decided to host a party that included Wendell and four other 2-year-old girls plus moms (none of the boys could come). It was a fun time with simple activities, good food and no gifts. :o) Emily's favorite part was definitely the purple helium balloon she got to take home. She didn't let go of it for most of the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, Emily displayed some of her worst behavior in a long time. I should have had a clue when she threw a 15 min. tantrum before we even left regarding the snowman and her entire bedtime entourage riding along in the van (see previous post). I would have stayed home as punishment, but she wouldn't have known what she was missing, so the only punishment would have been for me because I had been looking forward to this outing. She threw at least 5 more tantrums throughout the morning--including one in which she plopped down in the middle of a fluffy snowbank with tennis shoes, jeans and no mittens. I seriously laughed at that one. She also managed to knock over their Christmas tree. Although her behavior was exasperating, I did not lose my cool. I think (and hope!) I at least made the other moms feel better about their kid not being the only one who ever acts like that sometimes. Next time there will be tougher consequences. :o)

Five cute kids

Coloring party hats, but more interested in the cracker tray.

Playing with homemade play dough...Emily didn't like wearing her hat and ended up ripping it apart.

Caterpillar cupcakes and balloons to take home

Note: Three of the other moms blog, so I'll add links to their posts when they are up. :o)

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