Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas decorations

Emily has been "helping" me put up the Christmas decorations. She was really excited about the tree and actually wasn't doing too bad until I caught her using the vacuum attachment to pulverize one of the glass bulbs still in the packaging. She was also pulling the tops off of the bulbs so I had to keep pinching them to get them back together. That was the end of "helping Mommy whif duh Christmas tree." Since then it has been a non-stop battle to keep her hands off of it. She touches an ornament and says, "Are you s'posed to be touching?" There are already a couple of bulbs on the floor with missing hooks or tops and I'm glad I didn't try really hard to get everything perfectly spaced out. I've kind of decided that I really don't care what happens to the decorations (except the lights). They were cheap at Wal-mart when I got them 6 years ago and are falling apart anyway. Maybe we'll just have to see what's on the clearance aisle in January!

Luckily, Emily found some other fun things to play with in the Christmas decorations. The Santa hat has come on and off several times. I've already given up on a cute posed picture for the Christmas card.

Emily also rediscovered the Little People nativity set she received from G&G Lorenzen last year. She quickly figured out how to play the "meezik" and can name most of the characters. We're still working on the fact that it's "Baby Jesus" and not "Baby Moses," though. :o)

Check out the new December video player at the bottom for some extraordinary Christmas dancing! ;o) Also, thanks to a download from my sister there are a few additional videos in the November player on the 11/30/08 post. Sorry about the orientation. I don't think I can rotate videos--or at least I haven't figured out how to yet.

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Small Town Saver said...

Did she take her 2 yr pics yet? Her outfit looks cute!