Monday, December 22, 2008

Lorenzen Christmas

We spent the (cold!) weekend in Des Moines and celebrated Christmas with Austin's family. It was a hairy trip getting down there Saturday morning with nasty road conditions and a lot of accidents--especially on I35 around Ames--but we made it! We ate lots of good food and Emily enjoyed opening all her presents (and wanted to open everyone else's, too). Her favorite presents so far have been her sewing cards and new Curious George books (go figure!). Unfortunately, she came down with a yucky head cold before we left and wasn't always in the best of moods. But we still had fun visiting family! There are some new videos in the player and below are a few pictures...

We actually got a decent family picture (do I really look that pregnant?!?),
but the "grandkids" picture didn't go so well... :o)

Emily had fun coloring with Grandma Lorenzen and both she
and cousin Asher "helped" Grandma play/sing some Christmas carols.

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Sarah Craft said...

I LOVE the grandkids pic. The grandparents have it so together. I need to remember to stay as calm and cool as those folks during meltdowns!! Merry Christmas!