Monday, December 1, 2008

Doomed pants

Have you ever owned a pair of pants that seemed destined to be doomed from the start? I sure have. And they always seem to be khaki-colored. My latest is a super-comfy pair of drawstring maternity khakis from Old Navy. (Side note: I have finally given in and am in full-fledged maternity clothes. I have been for a week now after a fun shopping spree the weekend before.) I cut the tags off these beauties on Thanksgiving morning. At noon I acquired a dollop of cherry whip salad on one leg. I say "acquired" because I'm pretty sure I didn't spill it. I think it might have had something to do with Emily smearing the salad all over the tablecloth. :op At night I dropped a big blob of chocolate ice cream on the other leg. Luckily, some stain-remover and a washing at my mom's house got it all out. So today I thought I'd wear them again. I drove into Waterloo and the first time I stepped out of the van I got greasy mud splatters on both legs. Then in the afternoon I was wrestling a dirty diaper off of Emily on the floor and got it smeared on my lap. After another treatment and washing they're looking okay again. What's next? Do I dare wear them anywhere semi-important? Over the years all my khaki-colored pants have suffered greatly and have been subjected to more than their fair share of stain-remover. Why are stains and spills attracted to light colors? Maybe that's why I've never purchased a pair of white pants. :o)


Becky Bartlett said...

I'm glad you were able to rescue them! They're cute pants!! :)

Sarah Craft said...

Perhaps our darks are just as dirty, we just don't notice them as easily. That is what I realized with my white winter coat. What was I thinking?!?!?!!

You are one patient mama!!