Saturday, November 23, 2013

West Cedar bake sale

Yep, I'm THAT mom.  I've been looking forward to the bake sale for Emily's elementary school for weeks.  I was especially excited about using my new kitchen and double oven!  I baked and froze a bunch of stuff plus a few fresh items that day.  Here was my total donation:

The bake sale was free-will donation during the Hometown Holiday Market in Waverly (which makes it super easy to organize and manage).  I volunteered to sit at the table for a good chunk of the day.  Austin and both kids were home in various stages of a nasty 12-hour stomach bug, so I selfishly stayed away.  The event raised over $400 for the Parent Connection group, which funds things such as a new supplemental reading software program, new playground equipment and gas money for field trips.

It was a miserably cold day, so I thought traffic was a little lighter than normal.  It was very interesting to observe which items were the most popular and which ones were passed over.  After all my creative baking and new recipes, I decided the top sellers will always be Scotcharoo bars, the giant Monster Cookie pies and homemade cinnamon rolls.  Mental notes for next year! ;)

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