Friday, November 1, 2013

Birthday playdate

In lieu of a big friend birthday party, I told Emily she could have a playdate with the Abben triplets, who are in her class.  They pretty much always dress alike, and I'm still trying to remember who is who.  :) This was Emily's first ever real playdate (only her peers with no moms).  Lincoln had a hard time with that.  He has never really been told that he can't play along with Emily.

Our snack/activity was frosting cut-out cookies.  I made the letters spelling out each girls' name plus some other fun shapes.  Lincoln got to frost some cookies, too.  I think over half of them got consumed before even making it onto the take-home plates.  :)  Then they played a little of this and a little of that all over the house and yard.  It was a fun little shindig, but I'm not looking to plan big friend parties anytime soon.

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