Tuesday, November 19, 2013

4 years + 6 months

Lincoln's imagination has really blossomed lately.  It's fun to just sit and listen to him engaged in pretend play.  He has also started another question phase.  There are a lot of "Why?" questions, very few of which he is actually looking for an answer.  Another popular question is, "What time is it?" followed immediately by, "What does that mean?"  He constantly wants to know what time it is and is trying to figure out the relationship between the numbers on the clock and the next activity coming up.  Similarly, he frequently asks, "What month comes next?"  This was inspired by Emily's birthday, which is causing Lincoln to try and figure out how long it is until his birthday.

Lincoln knows his name and can recognize it in print.  When asked his first name, he replies, "Lincoln."  When asked his last name, he replies, "Lincoln Austin Lorenzen."  He insists his last name is all three names put together.  

Lincoln has made huge strides in writing.  At the beginning of the school year he had no recognizable letters.  Now he can write his name and the letters & numbers they have learned about so far.  Here are some pictures I just took of his work one afternoon when we were practicing on a white board.  We are working hard on holding a pencil/marker correctly.

Lincoln is done with any kind of regular nap time, so we usually don't even try.  The exception is weekends when Lincoln will crawl in bed with me to take a nap together--especially Sunday afternoons.  He has also started a bad habit of picking at his fingernails.  It's a good thing they grow so fast!  His toenails are starting to actually grow somewhat normally for really the first time in his life.  It's quite a contrast from hands to feet!
Below is some of Lincoln's November preschool art--including the projects made during his preschool field trip to the middle school to visit their "Friday Friends".  There is also a picture someone captured of Lincoln peeking out of a turkey blind.

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