Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kitchen: Modifications, plumbing, electrical

The rest of our appliances were scheduled to be delivered today.  However, no one told us that we would have to modify the wall oven cabinet in order to make it fit.  Austin had to build a platform in the bottom and then saw out a bigger hole.  The delivery guys came back again in two days to finish installing the double wall oven.

With the counter tops in, the plumber could also come to hook up the gas cooktop.  Because of the location of the gas valve, Austin had to modify the top drawer.

The plumber also hooked up the kitchen faucets for us (something Austin could do, but just didn't have time).  I have never been so excited to do a sink full of dishes! LOVE the new Touch2O pull-down faucet from Delta!

The electrician was also able to come back to finish installing the sub-panel, LED under-cabinet lighting and 220V dryer outlet.  Lincoln was eager to help Austin finish installing the ceiling fan. :o)

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