Friday, August 2, 2013

Hansen's Dairy Farm

I got to accompany the kids on the Hudson Summer Adventure field trip to Hansen's Dairy Farm.  I have always wanted to see it.  It was fascinating to see the similarities and differences compared to my dad's dairy farm since they are pretty much the same size operations.  The biggest difference, of course, is that Hansen's markets all their own milk, selling milk jugs, ice cream and cheese throughout the Cedar Valley.
Emily was BFF's with Kendra throughout the summer
Petting the calves
The kangaroo mascots of Hansen's Dairy.  It's fun to see them hop!
Looking around the parlor
Petting the miniature goats
It's a long way up the silo!
Workers washing down the processing area
Putting milk into jugs
The visitors center/Hansen house

Practicing milking skills
Lincoln's first ever attempt to actually color in the lines
The main house/visitor center/processing center.  There is a pond to the left.
Playing at the Hudson City Park afterwards

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