Friday, August 9, 2013

Kitchen: Microwave & TV

Tonight's goal was to wire and install the drawer microwave along with the outlet in the island.  The opening for the microwave turned out to be 1/2" too tall on the height and 3/4" short on the width.  Austin ended up adding a strip to the bottom and using his jigsaw to cut 3/8" off each side.  It's just a tad unnerving to watch someone sawing your brand new cabinets!  The microwave just fit.

Then it was time for Austin's main toy.  The new Vizio LCD TV and Mini Mac had arrived while he was gone.  He hung the TV on the wall and hooked up all the cords and wires in the pantry on the other side of the wall.  The DirecTV box won't come for another week, but the computer part was up and running. 

Austin didn't want any kind of junky wall calendars cluttering up the walls of the new kitchen, so I told him he'd have to figure out a way to make it digital.  He decided the best option would be to hook up a Mini Mac to the TV.  Now I have the capability of pulling up the calendar, which is synced to my iPhone via iCloud.  We can also listen to Pandora, check email, watch Amazon Prime videos, pull up recipes online or from Evernote, and allow the kids to play computer games while being fully supervised.  Everything is done via wireless mouse and keyboard.  It's pretty sweet, but I've got a little tinkering to do to get things set up a little more efficiently.

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