Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fun in the leaves

This week was the peak of fall color in the Cedar Valley.  Today was the perfect leaf day.  Small gusts of wind rained leaves down from the ash and maple trees.  It was an early out day, and we took full advantage.  Our first activity was catching leaves in butterfly nets.  I caught about a dozen before the kids started cheating and scooping up leaves off the ground.

Next we raked paths in the leaves, and Lincoln got out his lawn mower.

Then we got out the bubbles.

Lincoln decided he was going to have a party, so he decorated the bushes.

The day ended running through a big pile in the back yard.  Lincoln insisted on a countdown each time and applause as he ran.  There's nothing like the pure joy of a kid running through the crunchy leaves!

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cobo said...

Fun! Since we have dinky trees we have basically no leaves. Which is nice since we have no time to rake them, but we also miss out on this kind of fun!