Friday, October 19, 2012

3 years + 5 months

Lincoln's big development this month was beginning to make /l/ sounds.  His name is now "Lincoln" instead of "Winkin'." :o)  It's funny listening to his tongue get tangled up as he tries real hard to say things correctly.  With both the /l/ and /r/ sounds coming in, I think it is much easier to understand what he is saying.

Lincoln is also officially completely potty-trained and accident-free.  He has even started kicking me out of the bathroom in order to do everything himself.  He still sometimes needs help pumping the soap and getting his underwear & pants back on the right way.  He is starting to realize that you don't have to completely remove everything from the waist down every time you sit on the toilet. :op

Speaking of clothes, the transition from sandals or bare feet to socks & shoes has been a bit tough for Lincoln.  Although not completely resistant, he was definitely not excited about having to wear both socks & shoes.  It's pretty much a given that as soon as you get in the house both come flying off before he even makes it out of the kitchen.  For awhile, that included stores and other places, too. :op  When removing his shoes he insists on completely undoing the velcro so you have to re-thread it every time you put his shoes back on (another reason why not to buy laced shoes).   He is also a bit particular in the order of dressing.  He much prefers sock-sock-shoe-shoe vs sock-shoe-sock-shoe.  What order do you put yours on?

Lincoln is going through a "cold food" phase much like Emily did at one point.  He prefers almost all his leftovers at lunch to be cold rather than reheated.  This includes pizza, noodle casseroles, fried rice & egg rolls, ham & potatoes, etc.  Blech!  He would also survive on fruit alone if you let him.  Sometimes that's the only thing he eats at a meal.

Lincoln had a mild stuffy nose for a good portion of this month.  While it didn't really run or require much wiping, his nose did get crusty and had some serious boogers.  I can't stand it and am notorious for cleaning noses out--especially at bathtime.  This was evident whenever I came after Lincoln with a Kleenex because he covered up his nose saying, "No, my nose is closed!  I want my boogers!"  Sometimes he would even throw a fit trying to take them back out of the Kleenex in order to put them back in his nose.  Silly boy!

Lincoln is mildly obsessed with the CD player in his room.  We have a collection of audio book CD's that he listens to at night.  He changes every night not because he gets bored with the stories, but just because he wants to be the one who actually changes the CD.  He wore out his first CD player and is onto a new (cheap) one. 

Emily & Lincoln have had a near-constant argument lately over nicknames.  Emily always calls Lincoln, "mister."  Lincoln insists that, "I'm not mister, I'm sweetie," which I'm sure he gets called a lot.  So they go back and forth.  Emily also takes joy in screeching "Lincoln Austin!" whenever she feels the need to reprimand him.  I very rarely have used his middle name.  This is partly because it really hasn't been required and partly because I think I feel guilty like I'm yelling at Austin.  I'm sure there will come a day, though...

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