Saturday, October 27, 2012

Frosting the cake

Emily has changed her mind so many times since she started "planning" her birthday party during Lincoln's party last May.  She talked about everything from rock star to Emily the engine to butterflies again.  However, she has had an intense interest in outer space for the last month or so.  I swear she has read every space book in the easy reader non-fiction section of the public library.  So, Emily finally settled on an outer space theme.  We checked out the star cake pans from the library again.  Emily made a miniature solar system that we covered in contact paper.  We even got special star & moon sprinkles.  I would not recommend black frosting to anyone, but it was the best choice for this one.  Emily helped me decorate.  Lincoln & Cousin Ryan helped with frosting clean-up.  Emily was thrilled with the outcome.  However, she ended up not even eating one bite of cake because she was afraid her teeth would turn black. :o)

Afterwards, Grandpa Boote gave horsie rides. :o)

 The boys also enjoyed racing plasma cars.

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