Tuesday, October 30, 2012

6 years old

Well, we now officially have a six-year-old!  Emily continues to learn and grow up before our eyes.  Her official birthday measurements are 46.5" tall and 50 lbs.

In addition to outer space, Emily has been absolutely fascinated by the Titanic this month.  She has checked out books from both the school and public library, as well as a National Geographic DVD about the discovery of the ruins.  However, she started to have nightmares at night, so we have decided to take a break from that topic.

School continues to go well.  Emily had a lot of fun this month playing a made up game on the playground at recess called "Flush the Toilet" that involved going down the slides.  They had quite the group going for a while.  She has made up other fun games at home.

Emily also enjoys playing school at home (no surprise there).  She has 35 "students" that are usually set up in her room for carpet time.  Each one has a unique name and personality.  Emily even has a rotating job chart on her closet door.

We haven't had nearly as many mealtime battles this month.  I've been making more things that I know the kids like and less new recipes.  Emily also brings cold lunch to school about two-thirds of the time.  One negative development is that she suddenly decided she was tired of Frosted Mini-Wheats Chocolate Little Bites cereal, which has been the staple of her diet for a couple years now.  She is now into Quaker Oatmeal Squares and Froot Loops instead.  Unfortunately, she made this decision AFTER I had just stocked up with Kelloggs/Scholastic rewards boxes.  What am I going to do with eight boxes of "chocolate cereal"?!?

We have also ventured into the world of Legos this month.  Emily took great pride in building "the great wall of China" with a random collection of Legos picked up at a garage sale years ago.  It's actually a blueprint of a large building that has classrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.  Now Emily received a bunch of Lego Friends (i.e. the new girl Legos collection) for her birthday.  I'll post more on that sometime.

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Sarah Craft said...

I am so behind on reading blogs. You have a lot of great posts here and it made for some fun reading. Happy belated birthday to Miss Emily and I hope you are doing well! (PS: I still have your cinnamon roll container to return to you.)