Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankful for family

We had a long, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend visiting family from both sides in NW Iowa.  I didn't take my camera out very much (which actually might have made it more relaxing!), but we did take a few family pictures.

On Friday night we ate at the Pizza Ranch with my 91-year-old Grandpa Vander Kooi and other members of the Vander Kooi family.

On Saturday we visited Austin's Grandpa & Grandma Lorenzen and his sister & family in LeMars.  The cousins had lots of fun playing together.  We all enjoyed lunch from Bob's Drive-In.

On Sunday, our niece/cousin, Saylor Grace, was baptized in my home church.  This is the first full family picture we've taken in four years (also includes my Grandma Boote).

The kids even cooperated for a decent family picture of just us.

My sisters and I

Emily and Saylor

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