Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meeting Cousin Saylor

The kids & I were finally to meet our niece/cousin Saylor at the state volleyball tournament in Cedar Rapids.  Saylor's Aunt Whitney was playing for my hometown team.  It was fun to watch them play and win their first round match.  They are WAAAAY better than we ever were in high school!

Lincoln thought it was great and loved clapping and cheering and screaming regardless of what was going on.  However, he didn't have a long attention span and spent most of the time crawling over chairs and people.  I kind of forgot that Emily doesn't like loud noises and chaos.  She spent most of the time cowering in her seat and telling people, "Shhh!"  We are obviously not a sports spectator family!

We were cheering really hard for the Comets, because if they won we got to go back to Abbie & Wade's hotel and go swimming!  The kids had a great time with Uncle Wade in the water while I hung out with Abbie & Saylor.

The kids liked meeting Saylor, too.  Lincoln was VERY intrigued by Saylor's bottle and pacifier.  Emily thought it was fun holding Saylor, but spent more time writing notes to Abbie & Wade on the hotel note pad.

I'm so glad it worked out to finally see Saylor after we missed her Labor Day weekend when she took her sweet time arriving into this world!  We can't wait to see her again at Thanksgiving! (Oh, and Abbie & Wade, too.)

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