Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Friends on the stairs

Emily was an eager little elf when Lincoln went down for his nap and I started hauling out some Christmas decorations.  She practically disappeared, though, when it came time to hang wreaths outside in the cold.  It turns out she was so fascinated by the lighted greenery around the staircase banister she wanted to share it with all her friends.  As in every single stuffed animal, doll, Little People figurine and Happy Meal toy in her room.  She lined them all up on the stairs so they could look at the lights and watch the Christmas show she was going to put on using the Little People nativity set.


Julie Ulven said...

Ah, the imagination of a 5 year old. Mieke has been putting on shows and "selling" tickets to the fam. Funny how George is such and influence. We had a the same scene at our house. I love the scene on the stairs.

Sarah Craft said...

A couple of great posts here, Megan! I LOVE Emily's imagination!