Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ladybug costume

Emily has become very interested in crafts lately (and I am NOT a very "crafty" person).  This has been partially spurred on by the "Make and Do" Child Craft book from my childhood (circa 1986).  Today she came across the costume pages.  I vividly remember this section because we made the butterfly costumes out of poster board one year for Halloween.  She was intent on making the ladybug costume to be like her Happy Napper "ladybug beetle".  Unfortunately, the directions called for large pieces of felt, elastic straps and lots of sewing.  Not gonna happen with this momma.  I encouraged her to try and think of something else she could use.  She found a perfect-sized cardboard box, but broke down in tears when I explained that it couldn't be cut into a round shape.  After a teary-eyed discussion about round vs. square shells, she finally acquiesced and the project continued.  She did a great job decorating the box, and we found some shiny silver curling ribbon to use as straps.  In the end she was very happy to wear it and okay with the fact that it didn't look exactly like the picture.  She is just like her first-born momma and wants to follow all the directions to make it look exactly like the picture.  I'm proud of her for having such a good attitude about it after realizing it wasn't going to happen that way.  It took me a LOT longer to reach that point growing up!  She is our cute little ladybug no matter what!