Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Goals Progress Report

1. Potty-training: Still waiting. With Lincoln now it seems more ridiculous that we should have to be changing someone the age and size of Emily. Just ordered more "Dora's" online. Sigh...
2. Moving Emily's room by Easter: Check! :o)
3. Deep-cleaning one room: I got the rest of the kitchen and my laundry area done this month
4. Cutting grocery budget by 25%: I ended up spending 85.5% of my normal grocery budget this month. There were some concessions made and conveniences utilized with the arrival of Lincoln.
5. Praying nightly over Emily: I'm going to add Lincoln, too.
6. Catching up on photo albums: There was a flat-rate book sale on Winkflash, but it happened during the week Lincoln was born, so there was just no way I could get it done. It just goes to prove why I need to have things ready ahead of time!
7. *New Goal* Spend at least 10-15 minutes of one-on-one time with Emily: Some days this is easier than others. Lincoln has been consistently napping around and during the supper hour, so that provides some opportunities. It's harder than you would think to find time. Thankfully, Emily has done pretty well with sharing mommy with Lincoln so far.

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