Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Double Heart Sonic

Emily & I ran errands in Waterloo this morning for the last time before the baby comes. It was already noon and I still really needed to get groceries at Fareway. Plus there was nothing to reheat in the fridge at home and we did the whole PBJ and chicken nuggets/fries thing yesterday for lunch & supper. What better excuse to go to Sonic again?! ;o) Not only was the cherry limeade heavenly, but just as I was licking the last of the dollar menu tots grease off my fingers and thinking a little shot of ice cream would taste good a carhop walked up with an extra vanilla cone and medium blue coconut slush that she was just looking to give away to someone. Ummm....yes, please and thank you! Needless to say, if anyone is looking for a gift idea for me sometime a "My Sonic Card" would great! ;o)

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Julie Ulven said...

Just catching up. I am hiring a sitter for Mieke one afternoon a week. Just for a break. My mom did this when I was little. Mieke is really clingy as well. Hmmm...we are going to Waterloo this morning with a long list. We may have to do Sonic! Praying for a quick and easy arrival of baby Lorenzen.