Saturday, May 23, 2009

The meeting...

One of the most popular questions we have gotten so far is "What does Emily think?" We were very curious how that was going to go. So far the response has been "mildly indifferent." Austin brought Emily to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening. She just timidly looked from a distance and would hardly dare touch Lincoln. She was much more interested in playing with the nurse's stethoscope, listening to my mp3 player and the Cat in the Hat gift she got "from Lincoln." (see videos in May video player)
At home she is interested in some of the "toys" for Lincoln such as the musical swing and bouncy seat. She will randomly comment, "Emily is going to be a big sister!" and "His name is Blinkin'." She hasn't had much occasion to "help" with anything yet. I have managed to read a book and nurse at the same time without protest. I'm sure all of that is coming--especially after grandma leaves. ;o) For now we're thankful she is neither hostile nor completely smothering.

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