Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Preschool pumpkin patch field trip

I was able to join Lincoln's preschool class on their field trip to a local farm owned by Emily's Kindergarten teacher and her husband.  It was a cold, misty day, but a lot of fun.  The class started off listening to some books about pumpkins.

Then Travis showed us how his old-fashioned apple press works.  A 5-gallon bucket of apples makes about 1 gallon of apple cider.  They have bottled almost 50 gallons of cider this fall.  Everyone got to try some along with a clementine orange pumpkin snack.

 Next, each kid got to pick out a small pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

Then we went on a hike through the natural prairie grass.  Travis told us about the 20 acres they have planted in sorghum and other native prairie species that attracts all kinds of wildlife.  The Cedar River runs along the land.  The Nuss family has over 2 miles of trails mowed through the prairie.

Finally, a quick class picture before heading back to preschool.  Lincoln would be the goofball in the front. :)

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